Passion Week – Tuesday

Reds, Browns, Two Coins.


Reds and Browns on the walls until Thursday because of the cross Jesus is going towards. Today, Tuesday, the visual is two coins for the story of the widow’s mites (Mk. 12, Luke 21). The timeline of Passion week is here for reference and other stories that also happened today. A white board calendar and some small drawings are up in the dining room, guiding us through what happened during Passion Week.



“You will not give ALL to me”

This is the place. It’s where everyone puts in the money they saved for God. The rich have bags of jingling coins in their hands. I’ll wait til they’re gone. One “clink.” Two “clink.” “That’s all I have, God…” and an empty stomach. 

All: The whole of. The whole number of. The greatest possible.

In Jesus’ observation of the widow, “All” meant 2 coins and nothing left over. Does this definition shine light on what Jesus is about to give? He knew what humans were like, (not really the “All” kind of givers). So first He points at the 2 coins of a poor widow, and then on Friday He will show what “All” really looks like — All the light will be gone and all that will be seen is darkness. But Jesus must give all, so that in the darkness of death, light can be found.

Take up your cross and follow me.

“I gave ALL to you”



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