Passion Week – Monday

Reds, Browns, Figs, Doves

Reds and Browns on the walls Today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the cross He is headed for. Today, Monday, the visual is figs for the story Jesus told when he cursed the fig tree with no fruit (Mt. 21, Mk. 11) and doves representing when Jesus cleared the temple of the merchants (Mt. 21, Mk. 11, Lk. 19).  The timeline of our week is here for reference.

We will do something with these two stories today. Maybe act them out or paint it. Last year looked like this. Maybe I should add pictures at the end of this entry after today is done. We’ll see how the day goes. These are just the ideas we’re trying to help us remember.


“You will forget me”

There was a lot of pressure to pick out the right dove. To the right and to the left merchants were insistently shoving “the best” dove in our faces. Which was the best one for God? Does He actually care or even notice if there is a spot on the bird? Nervously we pay and approach the temple, hoping that God will be ok with our gift. 

They forgot what God was like. We too forget what God is like. As Jesus knocked over the tables and sent the animals flying and fleeing, He was clearing the darkness and check boxes of the human heart. God doesn’t want any of these forced gifts, no matter how extravagant. He longs for you instead (spots and all) to be near Him, to hear Him. And as we listen to how Jesus prayed to His Father God, we see the refreshing light of what God is like — this is not a relationship we pay to have, but one of a son or daughter who leans in to a father every day, begging for another story and then reenacting it later on in their day. They talk with him and then imitate him because they love him — and of course, He is always the bright hero.

“I forget. Tell me again…and again…and again.”


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