Light and Dark for Lent – 4th Sunday

What is the dark?

Not seeing the point of Jesus being there, so continuing as you always have

What is the light?

Seeing Jesus brightly and following joyously…even carelessly



Begin with 3 candles snuffed out and 4 candles lit.

John 9 – “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Having said these things, he spit on the ground and made mud with the saliva. Then he anointed the man’s eyes with the mud and said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which means Sent). So he went and washed and came back seeing.”

The eyes of a human are a gate for light, the only gate. Light filling the eyes of a blind man is probably the most vibrant picture of the darkest dark and the lightest light. Although we crave the light and feel the darkness, it is the physically blind that grasp this opposite better than any who see.  Being blind, they see, they get it. There is nothing brighter than seeing when you never have.


John 9 – Jesus said to him, “You have seen him, and it is he who is speaking to you.” He said, “Lord, I believe,” and he worshiped him. Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.” Some of the Pharisees near him heard these things, and said to him, “Are we also blind?”



snuff out one candle.

Jesus in the darkness: You who physically see this blind man don’t see the point of his sight. It’s the seeing who miss it, not understanding the sheer joy of Jesus’ light or the darkness they are walking in.


“Those who see will become blind.”


“I think he just said we are the blind ones?”

And He did.

The religious ones did not see the Light right in front of them. 


Lord, set our eyes ablaze with the sight of You everywhere we look, as we enter another week in this dark world.


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