A Feast… for Lent?

What would motivate one to place a diamond on a muddy finger? Who actually wants a thieving crook in their house? Why would a king search the streets for a beggar? How can disease be the one pulled close?



Unusual love.


I’ve only ever heard of one who loved like this – a King, but not the history book type (although he altered history at every turn). He made a beautiful kingdom where his craftsmanship twisted upward and over and around, and swirled even the heavens. So extensive was his work that you could not tell where one piece of art ended and another began. He had a garden, the like you will never find, brimming with what could be best described as a feast. A world full of people could have feasted forever on the abundance in this garden – not just filling their bellies, but their eyes too, and noses and all their senses really, with more than enough. By invitation of the King, two, (friends of the closest sort) were welcomed into his garden to feast with him. Oh, how they enjoyed it all!


To be in the King’s personal garden must have been…well, what do you think it would be like to walk the halls of a grand king as his guest – feasting at his table?


More than enough keeps coming to my mind. 


What if I told you that this man and woman went all throughout his personal garden filling their eyes, and ears and mouths, as he said they could, but then they took something from the garden – something he said they could not have. One thing out of the whole feast was not to be eaten. (It was his feast after all, and his garden that they were a guest in.)

If you were the guest of a king,

would you be surprised if he told you not to take something? 


But they did, without asking, knowing he would say no. Was the feast not enough? I’m sure that is not true. Why did they want more than a feast?


Why do I?


Because of Lent starting today (and Valentine’s day), this feast is on my mind, like a story that haunts because it feels so true, as if it’s mine (which it is). Lent is a season set aside to tell the rest of this story,


the ungrateful, wretchedness of humans (the Fasting)


and the King who loved them (the Feasting).


Any feasting we do on this earth is only a glimpse of the feast that is to come. The King is even now preparing it! What a day that will be!  For now, though, we must remember this story and Lent reminds.


So we begin. I am still in the midst of researching Lent and trying to discern the mindset and heart of it. As ideas (and artwork) are developed in my mind, I will share them over the next 40 days. Our family is trying some more Lent ideas out (last year’s journey is here). You are welcome to follow us as long as you realize that we are still in research mode with some of it. I hope to solidify (and simplify) traditions this year. Conversation on this subject of Lent is welcome!

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