Making ornaments for Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree

December 1st is less than a week away!  I’ve been working on my ornaments for Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree and there is a lot of cutting. I actually cut out 100 circles! 25 for the front and 25 for the back x’s 2 because my children want do the countdown on their own tree rather than on the big tree this year. I do have PDF’s of the ornaments and sketches if you would like to print out multiples for your home as well.  Just send me a note!

Once you have cut out all the ornaments you will need to match the word with the picture using the book as a reference.  The easiest and fastest method of making the ornaments is to glue the front and back paper circle back to back with a flat ribbon or fine string in between as you see here. The flat ribbon is best if you want your kids to color them.  The string makes a little bump. This is how my kids will be using them because they want to color them each day.


For a more permanent set, I’ve been playing around with several ideas, but the easiest by far is to decoupage the white paper discs to a wooden disk from Amazon or a craft store.  A 1 3/4’s or 2′ disc should fit the paper circle without trimming. For these 1 1/2′ discs below I had to trim the paper for them to fit.

This decoupage is what I had and it worked great on the card stock paper ornaments.  When I tried printer paper there was bubbling.  You could change the color of the ornaments by printing on different colored card stock. I like the classic white look. So to make the edge of the paper less obvious I tried painting some of the disks white first before putting the paper on.  Let the paint dry really well if you do.

Paint the glue on the disc and the back of the paper and then center the paper on the disc, rubbing all the bubbles out firmly. Let it dry and then do the back of the ornament the same.  (This is the point to do the antiquing I mentioned below if you so desire) Once both sides are dry, paint one or two coats of decoupage over the paper and sides of the ornament to seal the paper and the whole ornament.

It was easier to drill the hole after the gluing was done. We put the ornament on a block of wood and then put a thin piece of wood over the ornament to make a cleaner hole.  Or just buy discs with holes in it!

Here are some examples of ones painted and unpainted.

The white on natural wood looks great but I love the white painted look best.  I also antiqued the white disc a little before decoupaging on top of the paper by putting a tiny dap of black paint on my finger and smearing it around the edge almost wiping it all off.  It adds character if you want to embellish a little.

For a hanger, the wire look is my favorite, but string or hemp or leather would all look neat as well.

I hope this helps you with some ideas for your ornaments.  If you’ve thought or tried other ideas, please post them on Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree Facebook group. Or write me at with questions.

Thank you so much for committing to using the book personally or with your family this year.  We feel so honored!

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