And a little book is born…just in time for Christmas

Feels like I’ve birthed another baby! It’s just a book, but the effort was great and the gestation longer than I anticipated.  It’s name is Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree.


I mentioned it last year in the blog, but it’s no longer a dream. It’s a real tangible book that I’m actually holding.  I can scarcely believe it.  Now that being said, the idea was to get it into people’s hands to test — so this is an inexpensive trial run of the book.  Maybe next year we’ll publish it! You can check the book out at

but this post is about how the book came to be


The Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree Project has been rattling around my mind, my notebooks, and my sketchpads for several years. The idea began with trying to understand all the Jesse Tree books out there for Christmas. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the meaning – Timeline? Prophecies? Key Bible characters before Jesus? Countdown of Christian symbols? I kept wondering how the title Jesse Tree could have so many versions. Wasn’t Jesse barely mentioned in the Bible and what does he have to do with Christmas? I had to know before feeding this title to my family as meaningful. And this is what I found.

Yes, Jesse is described as a stump, hence the tree, but by calling him a stump God gives us a picture of being cut off – dead, burned. That is why it is so amazing that a shoot comes out of it — David, the branch that lives to carry on the promise that God gave to Adam and Eve. Here’s where Christmas comes in!

A child will come out of this family.

Yes! A child from a family broken by Adam and Eve. A child through Jesse, the dead stump. He is a part of the family line of Jesus!  At the time of Jesse, they were STILL WAITING for this promised one. Like Jesse’s son, David, Jesus would come out of a dead, broken family of humans. So this is the claim Jesse has to Christmas and it’s Jesse’s broken family line that Jesus was born into! This family was so destroyed by sin, but He still came into this mess. He put Himself into a family of sinful humans. Why? To do what no human was able to do on this earth.

The celebration of a birthday is a celebration of a life born into an earthly family. Isn’t this the point of Christmas – Jesus’ Birthday! I had to find out more about this family He was born into. And this is where the searching began. Jesus’ Family was no accident, but a beautiful picture God was painting us of Himself. So, how does Jesus’ family point us to His birthday? I hope so much that you will read my book and find out!

Probably two years into the scribbles and scratches of this project and drowning in too many artistically, beautiful ideas, Lorena stepped in to help – from Spain. Yes, a little weird to be working on a book in two separate countries at the same time, but with a little determination, Facetime and Google Drive, we got it done a few weeks ago. Do you know how fantastic it is to work hard on a difficult project with someone else? To think deeply and ask hard questions of God and His Word.

Don’t misrepresent God! Be careful with His Words!

Lorena took the thoughts and pictures floating all over my papers and caught them, creating one beautiful picture of our amazing God. The book is truly a miracle in my eyes, another one of my ideas that never would have been if it weren’t for her care for me and the God we wrote about. I would highly recommend tackling a Christ quest project with a friend. It will be life and breath to your soul.

I do hope you will consider looking at our little book at  This is a test year for the book, so help us spread the word. We would also love to get feedback at Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree Facebook page if you do decide to get the book.  It’s meant to be started on December 1st so let me know soon if you would like one.

The Kristin Company is me trying to be brave by putting my artwork and story out there in the hopes that I can help families celebrate Christ in the regular and special days on their calendar.  Maybe it will fail or maybe it’s just the beginning, either way, I know that He will be glorified when I use my gifts for Him.

Messy and Included,



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