Christ…especially while resting

Call it a holiday, a vacation, time off – It’s that time we hope for rest.

When my husband and I put a vacation on our family calendar, we find ourselves using words like “quiet” and “restful” and “not a lot of work.”  Sounds like Sabbath words doesn’t it.   For our weary sake, He set limits…limits we blow through even on Sunday, another topic for another day.

But Sabbath for vacation?

It’s something we’ve begun to grasp for as a family (not always very successfully). It’s these trips away from familiar life and usual work that makes it is easier to notice the world God has created around us.  Even the smallest things we find that God’s finger has touched.  The change of pace is refreshing for our family and the observations that come out of all the new sites around us are opportunities to point to Christ.

In everything new, God’s hand can be found.

Because I have an artist mind, I often think of God as an artist.  And I see His artistry EVERYWHERE.  Along our journey today we stopped at a lake to play on the shore and there, embedded like a fossil in a rock, was a tiny hole in the shape of a perfect star!  My God drew that detail long ago in some small, insignificant creature!  Why does He care about symmetry in places that may never be seen let alone admired?  I love this artistic God and run to show my children what He has done in this tiny piece of creation.

This is how my mind works but I’m also fascinated that others can sit on the same shore and be reminded of a completely different attribute of our amazing God.  It may sound a little more logical or profound than a little star, but God is still seen.  The world around us is described by the mind that saw it…a mind created by God.

Whether you see the world through the eyes of an artist or analyzer, speak what you see and are leaning about God…

yes even on vacation…especially on vacation.

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