No More Goodbyes!

I have been dreading this date on our family calendar.  It was sad just writing it on the calendar and now the day has come to help another one we love move far away.  I hate goodbyes… I even cry for the movie ones!  They make my heart twist and ache.  “Why do we even have goodbyes?” my kids are asking today.  That’s what I’m wondering too.

People are constantly changing around our family.  Why can’t I keep everyone I love nearby?  They are so familiar and comfortable…and I want them all close by, so I can put my arms around them.    I’m a little jealous of the days when family lived and worked closely as a group within a few miles of each other.  But I guess even these folk endured goodbyes.  I know it is just part of life on this broken earth.  Some goodbyes are more final and some are just a “see you later.”

I surmise that goodbyes are another consequence of the curse of sin on this earth.  They rend hearts and separate the face to face relationships that God designed for humans back when He first created the world.  We’ve been saying goodbye ever since.  Today I feel this brokenness keenly and long for a day when there will be no more goodbyes…EVER.

And I’ve decided that I’m against the invention of the motor car and flying machines.  Takes people too far away…

Back to horses!  Who’s with me?!?

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