Why does every human heart long for a father?

This longing comes from the image of God being imprinted on us the day we were created in the womb, and this image is a reflection of the perfect family.  We were designed to be, not a lone individual, but in a family, God’s family – with a perfect Father as the guiding authority.  So much more should be written about the example God has given of a Father.  This world has broken the picture of family and made it hard to see the original image of God in us, but when a human longs for a father, that’s God image in them coming out.

Family is what God looks like.

You were created to operate with a father in your life.  This is true whether you have no father, a horrible father, or the best father in the world.  And this longing for a father can only be perfectly fulfilled in a relationship with God, the perfect Father.

So again I echo this reminder to myself (Hopefully you are beginning to sensing a theme in my journal)…

My calendar can be a reminder to my distracted heart. Father’s Day just appeared on all our (American) calendars today, so we ask the questions again as we do for every special day.  What does it mean to be a Christian and celebrate Father’s day???  How does Father’s day show us who God is???  How am I going to use Father’s Day to show the kids what God looks like?

Father’s Day can be another pile of rocks that points to something great God has done…the designing of FAMILY…the idea of a FATHER.


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