Family Portrait in Progress

I’m learning more and more every year that celebrating the day we got married is less about us and more about painting a picture of family.  Family was God’s idea and marriage is how he chose to have a new family begin.   So when our anniversary comes up every year, as it is today, it’s not about me finding my husband, it’s a reminder that God created another family the day we said “I do.”

Each member of a family portrays another side of what God looks like, and you have to look at all (husband, wife, parent, child, brother, etc) to get the full picture of God, Author of family.

“I am the bridegroom waiting, the lover, forgiver, restorer, the tough in the husband, the gentle in the wife, the father protecting, the nurturing wing, the obedient son, the wisdom in a daughter, the nearness of a brother, the loving firmness, the peaceful intensity, and the complex simplicity of the definition I wrote for my family.”

Love, God


“Happy Anniversary, Love, I see glimpses of what God is like as I watch you father, hear you banter with your siblings, find you listening to your mother, and walk hand in hand through life with you.  I’m so glad we became family.  Today we celebrate the brilliance of God’s idea of marriage and add a little more paint to this family portrait.”

Love, Kristin

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