Remind me…

This is why I need a calendar.  I forget.  Memorial Day was a great idea!  Americans forget.

A memorial jogs our memory…

often it’s a stone or a work of art.

You see it and remember why it’s there.  But what if you want everyone to remember, not just the people that walk by the memorial regularly?

Put it on everyone’s calendars! 

Memorial Day is not a physical stone that all America can see, instead it’s a day, a day that got etched into our calendars forever.  Every year it comes again and we stop…to remember the ones who gave their life so we could live in America free.  We should not forget this day.

As American’s we use our calendars to remember days like this throughout the year.  Our calendar can be a great memorial…not just on Memorial Day.

Today as we remember the ones who gave their life so that we could be free, let’s also be reminded as Christians to set up many “memorial days” on our calendars…

reminders of Jesus that get etched into our calendars, returning each year.

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