Unworthy Mother, a Celebration of Family.

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw Mother’s Day approaching on the calendar was, “Oh, good, I don’t have to plan this one!”  …but even this day takes some thought.  It’s another special day on the calendar. Do the kids understood the point of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?  What will they take from these special days into their own lives?

Just like a birthday says, “I’m so glad God gave you life,” a Mother’s (or Father’s) day says, “I’m so glad God gave ME life.”  Every human has a mother and father, and because of them, you have life.  It’s a gift from God to be alive.  In this sense every person has this to thank their mom and dad for.  It’s important to look at it this way first because we live in a broken world and on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day my heart cries for the orphans and for those with broken families who have scarred, hazy, or vacant visions of their mom and dad.

But let’s look at a family that has a mom and dad visible in their life.  We honor (lift up) mom or dad on Mother’s (Father’s) Day because they deserve it, right!?!  Wrong!

We, as parents, spend our lives telling our kids of the vast years of wisdom and experience we have.  “I’ve been doing this toothbrushing thing for 30 some years and you’ve only been doing it for 5!  I know what I’m talking about!”  Why?  Because we think we have earned this honor and position as an authority in their lives.  But here’s the thing that is blowing my mind…

I am an authority to be honored just because God set up the family that way,

not because of what I have done!


God knew exactly how family would work best and it is by his command that I, as their mother, am their authority…with or without my experience, wisdom, or ability.  Praise God, I don’t have to earn that or failure would cripple me!  God has given honor not just to the “deserving” (if there is such a one aside from Christ), but to the undeserving.  This is what God is like all throughout Scripture.  His structure of authority is not broken, we are.  He knew that having a mother and father as an authority is how family would work best.

“Obey, dear child, because God knows what’s best for you,

not because I am a perfect parent.”

On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we are celebrating the perfect structure of authority God set up for the family.  It’s a celebration of family as God created it!

To all the unworthy motherly authorities out there who are honored by God just because someone calls you mom, and nothing else, Happy Mother’s Day!

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