Resurrection Sunday – Pure White

A white Easter.  A white table cloth.  A white wreath and garland.  A white string of lights.  A white vase and flowers.  White candles and pictures and banners cry out,


“The Darkness is passing away and the True Light is shining” – I John 2:8.

The Light of the World – White.  The Spotless Lamb – White.  The appearance of The Ancient of Days – White.  The army and horse of Faithful and True – White.  The Great Throne of the perfect Judge – White.  The robes of every nation, tribe, people and tongue before the Throne and the Lamb – White.  My sins washed in Jesus’ blood – White.

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool” – Isaiah 1:18.

Think of Resurrection Sunday as a light turning on and God opening eyes to what he said he would do since Genesis. It’s the bright white of a lightbulb suddenly sparking over a head, then two heads, then 5, then hundreds. “I get it now!!!” Jesus must suffer, and shed blood, and rise from the dead if the real enemy was to be conquered – sin!  Those that realize and follow are called Christians and bear the colors of the army in white.

There is no battle today, though.  Jesus won against death and sin, and today we feast on the grains and meat, the milk and honey and fruit of God’s goodness on the earth.  What a sweet victory!

Three cries of thankfulness to Faithful and True during the day of feasting:

“Thank you for becoming a human.”  (We begin our feast with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and other finger foods)

“Thank you for shedding blood and dying as a human.”  (We break bread and enjoy our meats)

“Thank you for taking your human death and turning it back to life.”  (Lastly, the long anticipated desserts, sweet as the resurrection victory).

In between all the feasting we enjoy an egg hunt with the Resurrection Eggs and read the story Benjamin’s Box that goes with it.  In the next few years I may switch to the Messiah Mystery.  We have done a scavenger hunt of items (outside or in) that remind us of the Resurrection and events surrounding.  There are family games and nature walks some years as well.  We’ve planted flowers or added objects to our gardens. A variety of different planting or gardening things have gone in their Easter baskets over the years.  Seeds are a perfect lesson of death to life.

Easter basket

The baskets keep the kids busy but we also aim for meaningful.  Items that grow, show new life, heal or fix hurts, clean or wash, light up, life savers, lambs, crafts, Bibles, Bible covers or pens, Gospel or Faith filled books, or I find things that are the colors of the wordless book/Color Song (usually jelly beans).  The Color Song is an old song I learned as a child.  It gives meaning to all the colors just like the wordless book, but more colors were added.  Children, mine at least, base their life decisions off of the colors around them and songs stick in their heads.  This song is more for younger kids but the meanings will stick when the song fades.  Yellow is the only one that doesn’t follow the wordless book streets of gold, but I would use gold for that anyways.

The Color Song/Crayon Box Song

When I was just a little child no higher than your knee,

my mother bought a box of crayons, just for me.

I picked them up and I opened them up and I looked way down inside,

And the colors there reminded me of Jesus when He died.

O… Red is the color of the blood that He shed,

Brown is for the crown of thorns they laid upon His head.

Blue is for royalty! In Heaven He does dwell;

And yellow is for the Christian who’s afraid to tell.

Afraid to tell of a Savior who died on Calvary, 

He died for lowly sinners just like you and me;

And someday soon He’s coming back to be our King,

And the colors there reminded me of Jesus when we sing!

O… Black is the color of the sin that’s in me,

White is when he washed the sin and set me free.

Green is for a new life that God will grow;

And pink is for forgiveness and a new tomorrow.

So, be a joyful Christian with a new tomorrow!

These are some of the visuals we’ve used on Easter over the years and I’m sure some of it will change a little as the kids get older.  But the white will stay, in some form or another.  Resurrection Sunday is white, in reminder of the perfectly pure, hot, white of God’s holiness – something we as humans never had access to,

but now do through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Easter 3

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