Saturday of Passion week

The tomb Jesus was laid in was sealed on Saturday by a nervous group of religious leaders.  Guards were placed by the large stone…just in case someone got the idea to steal the body.  That would make it look like Jesus had actually risen from the dead as he had said he would.  They didn’t want people to think the Messiah had actually come yet!  Not this Jesus!  There is no way he was the Messiah…so they thought.  What did they think the Messiah would actually be like?  They knew by memory what the Scripts said about the Messiah.

Seal the tomb.  Take that extra precaution.

The kids just made resurrection rolls.  I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  take the marshmallow (big one) and roll it in butter and cinnamon sugar to represent the spices for burial.  Then roll it up in a crescent triangle as Jesus was wrapped in the grave cloths and put in the tomb.  We put them in the fridge and will let them rise and bake in the morning just as he is risen.  When you eat the rolls there will be an empty space in the middle because the tomb is empty.  The kids beg for these and hot cross buns every year.  Food is a great visual.

The anticipation has been building and Sunday is almost here!  Got a lot to put out once the kids go to bed… I love surprises too!  How would you feel as a kid if you woke up and a dark black and red dining room was transformed to white with all the candles lit and lights on?  As excited as Christmas morning?

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