Wednesday of Passion Week

What was happening Wednesday before the crucifixion?

The story we read today was the one about Judas agreeing to betray Jesus and walking off with a bag of money in hand…what a great friend.  And what did the kids want to do with the story today?  You guessed it…a play!  We’re stuck on this track, but that’s ok.  Next year it will be something else, I’m sure.

It’s interesting to research Passion week timelines.  They differ a little.  I wish I knew what actually happened each day…but I wasn’t there.  For instance, the story of Judas betraying Jesus is Tuesday on one timeline and Wednesday on another.  I have to rely heavily on the research of theologians and after that I pick something and go with it.

Here are the resources I used for our timeline.  The Gospel Coalition has 2 articles that were hugely helpful: Holy Week series and A VisualizationThis article was helpful because it linked all the scripture passages to the events, but he has Passover on Wednesday and Crucifixion Thursday, so another perspective to read.  Willmington’s Bible Handbook was also a resource used.

Using the above resources, our family is following the timeline below.  We do not cover every story, but it’s here, ready for me to print and reference each year.  Research done for now.  I also use a wipeable calendar so I can change the dates each year and display the events.  Maybe this will be helpful to another family trying to organize their calendar around Easter.


Anointed by Mary, feast with Lazarus (who had been raised not long before)

First Pharisee death plot


Triumphal Entry

Weeping over Jerusalem


Fig tree cursed

Cleansing of Temple

Greeks ask to see Christ


The widow’s mite

Mt. Olivet discourse

Christ predicts his death

Second Pharisee death plot


Judas agrees to betrayal (30 pieces of silver)


Passover Events, Last supper, Jesus washes disciples feet

Passover Teaching


Final prediction of death


Jewish religious trials

Roman political trials

Delivered to be crucified

Mock trial by soldiers

Led away to Calvary

Death of Judas

Peter’s denials

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

Women weeping


3:00pm (time of death)

God’s action

Veil of Temple torn


Graves opened

Human reaction

Centurion believes

Crowd is confused

Christ’s followers watch from a distance


Soldier pierces Christ’s side

Preparation for burial



Sealing the tomb



Earthquake and stone rolled away

Women find angels and empty tomb

Ran to disciples

Risen Savior appeared to

First Mary Magdalene

Second Some Women

Third At Emmaus

Fourth Simon Peter

Fifth Upper Room (Thomas absent)

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