Tuesday of the Passion Week

No special foods today.  Jesus teaches a lot today and there are so many bits that could be focused on as the kids get older, especially in the Olivet Discourse.  But today the story of the Widow’s Mite is played out in our minds.  My daughter is confident she knows how it goes and promptly began directing everyone to a role, but Owen wanted to hear how the Bible tells it.  We read it and then set it into action, this time with grandparents on Skype.  After we finished, their granddad asked the best question.  “How might the widow be feeling as she put her last coin in the offering?”  It is so interesting to try to think like the characters in the stories!  Jesus perceived what she was giving up that day and I pray that my kids will see people like Jesus.  We are getting small chances to walk with Jesus a little this week as we look at the events leading up to his resurrection.

I put a calendar up that the kids can mark off as we finish a day.  They love countdowns and calendars!  I could surprise them with the next day’s story, but this year I jus put all the events on the calendar in the form of a little picture.  Some I found, some I drew.  Not all are there but it’s a reference and it makes my kids feel in control as they plan out what we should do for the next day’s story.  When a child gets motivated, it’s a good idea to run with it if at all possible…which is why we are doing a lot of plays.  Maybe next year they will be into something else.  So sometimes I plan and sometimes I just roll with them.

By the way, they made daddy put on a purple shirt because he was playing the rich man…

They remembered from Palm Sunday!


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