Another Friday of Lent…and I’m not sure I’m going to continue.

I remember this happening when we first were deciding how our family would celebrate the season of Christmas.  It took years of trial and error…several ideas sounded neat but when we actually tried them, they did not fit with the rhythm or personality of our family.  They weren’t failures necessarily but did not work well for us.  Sometimes my husband wasn’t excited about it and sometimes the timing wasn’t right or the idea was just unrealistic in actual life.

The idea of setting Friday apart as a family to remind our kids about why we are doing the Lent season is not working well in actual life.  Fridays for us are mornings of everyone going separate directions, afternoons of wrapping up weekly goals, and evenings of fun before a busy weekend. I’ve tried breakfast.  I’ve tried before bed.  I can’t find a consistent time that always works for all of us.  So I’m questioning whether to continue having a formal time on Friday to remind about Lent.  I understand the thinking behind the phrase, “Friday is a little bit of Lent and Sunday is a little bit of Easter.”  But we having a hard time making it work.  As a family we are still going to have conversations about the bitterness and darkness of our sin as we avoid the sweet during the week and see the darkness around our candles.  It’s coming up throughout the week without prompting because of the visuals we’ve chosen.  Sunday night is working very well and we are loving that time.  And we are also finding that Sunday night, as we do the lenten candles, we are already saying words that are prepping them for the next week of Lent.  So it feels like a Friday “devotional” for Lent is not necessary because we are covering the same reminder on Sunday.  It’s not bad to repeat this reminder, but the formal times we put on the calendar are purposeful and few.  We want the ones we commit to on our calendar to fit well with our family and have a specific purpose.  These formal times need to not be forced or hurried and should be simple enough that I can successfully implement the plan without hours of preparation.  I can tell when we’ve found a keeper, when the family excitedly anticipates it. Maybe a Friday would work great for a different family.  We are always evaluating.  Got to be willing to try stuff and let it go sometimes.

On a side note, Fridays have been very meaningful to me as I personally focus on preparing for his resurrection.  It’s a day I’ve chosen to focus on what God is saying to me about my sin and to talk to him all day about it.  Things are clarified for me after a day like this.

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